Sunday, September 9, 2012


Day 1:

I've finally developed the fine motor skills necessary to type on this infernal device. The Elders are busy in the food preparation area and believe I am watching Michael the Mouse. Instead, I can now devote my spare time to write my notes down on my current experiments.
I am perplexed it has taken this long to get around to doing this but time has a way of getting away from you when you're easily distracted by bright colors and interesting sounds. I will be 2 years of age in the coming weeks and this is causing me to reflect on my choices and experiences up until now. I can only hope that this journal will help me make sense of these things and help me keep track of how my training of the Elders is going. Oh wait, I hear one of them coming to check on me....

....Looking blank faced and staring at the Disney Channel with a sly smile on my face because they have no idea that I've been secretly observing their ways and customs since I got here.  That's all for now...Nap time.

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