Monday, September 10, 2012

My strength is unbeknownst to me

The indignities I suffered today were too vile to record but I will try my best to document for future generations. As soon as I entered the medical facility I noted the smell of death. I tried to warn the elders by communicating with my sneezing method which I have used previously to warn them of the flu germ ( I have a highly developed sense of smell that can detect viruses) but to my disgust they imitated me Ahh aghh aghh tuuuo & continued to march me to the unknown.

We passed the time in a room where I plotted details for escape & integrating with "the others" as so not to arouse suspicion. My fears were confirmed when they placed me in my compression vest & gave me unlimited mickey mouse...that's when they struck. 4 people came from behind & before I knew what had happened they had extracted DNA links but not without a fight. It took all their strength to hold me & I nearly blew my cover by kicking out my ninja moves.

They must have spiked my bottle because the middle of the day is a blur.... I awoke feeling groggy & hungry. The nurses wouldn't release me until I was walking straight, the parentals told her it was like walking ET & I never walked straight. We were released.

#note to oneself- google ET

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